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National Association for Speed - Agility - Quickness

We have several programs available to become a certified Speed Coach
Includes online training, hands-on training, training manuals, certifications, business set-up, and more!


Speed Training Programs and Certifications for
Coaches and Trainers of all Sports

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Track & Field,
Tennis, Baseball, Lacrosse and More.

SPEED DR. Philosophy and Training

All athletes want to be faster. Professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes are looking to improve their overall speed and quickness. Strength is very important, but if you can't get to the right spot in time to make the play then it is useless. In order to be fast we have to train fast. We have to shock our neuromuscular system with fast power producing movements. Our bodies will remember what we teach it. If we teach it to move at a certain pace then that is how fast we will eventually move in competition.  Our training philosophy emphasizes one-on-one style workouts.  Athletes are given full attention with the personal touch they deserve.  We stress long-term improvement strategies where we take time to analyze and construct a fluid program that will grow with the athlete.  As the athlete becomes stronger and more experienced we will modify the training sessions and speed drills so that he or she may continue to improve.  Whether in-season or pre-season our job is to improve and support that athlete from sport to sport and year to year.   Be ready to concentrate because we will study the body and it’s motions so that you will better understand how great athletes become better athletes. The end goal is to not only move faster but to move with maximum control, to not only jump higher but to leap more explosively, and to not only change directions but to make a smoother change of direction. 
The training sessions are not measured by the hour but by the quality of what we are working to achieve that day. Some sessions may last 45 minutes and some may last 90 minutes. We will train near your geographic area with some variation. For instance, we may meet at different local public parks and schools and that depends on our workout for that day.  For private trainings we work with and around the individual's schedule.  We will never interfere with your team or school's coach.  In fact, we strive to work with area coaches.  We want to deliver an athlete who is faster, quicker, and better for the team. 





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