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Ken Taylor, Sport Speed Specialist, is a SAQ Pioneer.  For over 20 years, Ken has coached and trained thousands of athletes from all different sports and corporations including middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities, city leagues, Nike, the FBI, professional NFL, NBA and their kids! 

Ken is truley passionate about coaching and mentoring young athletes.  He understands the barriers and difficulties that young kids face and he knows how to focus that energy and turn it into positive results. Since 1988 Ken has worked with more than 5,000 athletes, hundreds have received athletic and academic college scholarships and some have even gone on to play professional sports.  He is outstanding as a private coach and has intructed many camps large and small. 

BUT don't take our word for it!  See for yourself!



Brandon Lindfield Univ.

Billy         S. Oregon Univ

Matt        Univ of Oregon

Katie       Santa Clara, UCSD

Taylor     Univ of Washington

Brittney  Gonzaga

David      Stanford

Jared      Culver Stockton

Carter     S. Oregon University

Scott       St. Peter's College

Jon          Asumption

Jordan    Portland St

Ryan       Portland St

Lewie      UC Davis

Brady      Oregon St

Gianni     Montana State

Brian       Chapman University

Austin     USC

Conor     Navada

Kasey      Sattleback JC

Kevin      Illinois Chicago

Micheal  Oregon State

Travis      Univ of Minnesota

Tyson      University of Oregon

Andy       Oregon St

Will         Oregon St

Derek     Lindfield University

Barry      Arena

Ryan       Montana State

Sal           Hawaii, Portland St

Josh        Clackamas Comm.

Matthis   Portland St

Jeri          Rice University

Ryan       Oregon State

Ryan       Oregon State

Brannon Notre Dame

Tyler       Colorado University

Kim         Univ of Portland

Tyler       Tuffs University

Brett       Siena College

Ryan       Western Oregon

Paul        Willamette

Ryne       NAU, Philadelphia

Alexis     University of Oregon

Adam      Pacific Lutheran

Colby      Morningside College

Jarrod     UNLV

Malcom  Boise State Univ

Amy        Portland St

Dalton    Willamette Univ

Robbie   Univ of Kentucky

Alyssa     Hamline University

Match     Univ of Portland

Jesse       Portland St

Andrew  Nebraska

Darrin     Western Oregon

Ben         Duke University

Nick        Boise St, Central WA

Ali           Univ of Kentucky

Mark       Portland St

Rob         N. Dakota State Univ

Dave       Univ of Portland

Jay           WA State Univ

Jesse       University of Oregon

Martin    Lindfield University

Mike       University of Oregon

Cade       UCLA

Spencer Univ of Washington

Dani        Stanford University

Brian       Gonzaga

Gabe       Oregon St

Billy         Marshall

Kelsey    Univ of San Francisco

Justin      Portland St

Megan    Pepperdine Univ

Alex        Northern Arizona

David      Lewis & Clark Univ

Chase     Univ  of San Diego

Alex        Oregon State Univ

Todd       West Point

Dan         Boise State

Joey        Boise State

Jake        Weber ST, Air Force

John        BYU

Jordan    Univ of Washington

Jeff          Cleveland Indians

Jake        S. Oregon Univ

Keith       Oregon State

Nick        San Joaquin Delta

Willy       Western Oregon

Jacob      Redlands

Andrew  Dartmouth

Brody     Azuza Pacific

Brennan South Alabama

Steve      Univ of Redlands

Eric         UCLA

Carl         OR State, Portland St.

Ari           NM Highlands

Mike       Oregon State, Phillys

Zack        OR State, Portland St.

Amy        University of Miami

Jordan    Lewis & Clark Univ

Justin      Pacific Lutheran

Ally         Univ of Washington

Zach        Univ of Washington

Cam        Seattle Pacific Univ

Taylor     Portland St

Niel         Portland St

Evan        Tuffs University

Need More?  No Problem.  We have hundreds!

 “More than just Speed!  Ken takes an innovative & holistic approach to speed training - for athletes that want to get to the next level.  I was fortunate enough to work with Ken through high school and he taught me both how to run faster and more efficiently, but more importantly, the value of time management and sports/life balance.  Putting into perspective the skills that I learned playing sports and how they would transfer to life after football is a lesson I continue to leverage still today.  I’d recommend Ken to any athlete or parent looking for, first a great role model, coach and mentor, and second a world class speed coach.”

David Bergeron - Lakeridge HS/Stanford University/NFL

"I just ran a 4.47! The UCLA coaches where just like in awe and didn't know what to say.  Thanks man, it's all cause of you."

Kasey Closs, Football

"We did it!  I set the American Record - 8.78!!!"

Brenda Matthews – American Record holder and World Track Champion

"Hannah got her PR in the triple jump today! 35'3''!  Good for first place!  Thanks for working with her!"
Derek Wilson, Father of Hannah, Track - Fallbrook HS

"...she just completed her last event.  Ran the 200m in 26.75 and a new PR.  Wow!  The old #1 sprinter's parents could not believe how strong Kaylee was running!"

George and Ann, parents of Kaylee, Track - Murrieta Valley HS


"She is doing well with her running.  I have seen her catch some girls that she couldn't before.   She says that she started moving her arms like you showed her and bringing her knees a little higher.   Whatever you showed her, is working!   Thanks!!"
Rich Crockcroft - parent of Clair, soccer

"Ken, I spoke to Johnny earlier today and he went on and on about how great his session was and how much he learned!  His Mom texted me “He loved it!”…obviously it was a great first session for him! I am anxious to build on this."
Best, Brian Donahue

Dear Ken -
Thank you for helping me through sports my whole life.  You have made me develop so much as an athlete.  You have believed in me from the start and still believe in me today.  I'm entering a new chapter of sports in college football and I'm looking forward to continuing our athletic relationship and working out with you in the summers.
Brandon - Athlete

Ken - Thank you so much for training me for track this year.  You worked me hard, but still knew how to make me smile!  I knew I could always count on you for running tips or something to make me laugh.  You didn't even mind it when I threw up!  My times dramatically dropped this year because of your help.  Thanks so much for everything!
Michelle - Athlete

"We started practice last week and I am by far the fastest player on the defensive line. When we condition, I am easily far ahead of everyone. It's encouraging to see the results, so thank you."

David - College Athlete

Ken -
It is hard to put into words my appreciation of what you have done for our son.  Your patience, advice, guidance and knowledge has been priceless.  If he never played another minute of football, what you have taught him will last a lifetime.  With your guidance he has become confidant, skilled and ready to face lifes challenges.  The realm of sports needs more people of your caliber working with our youth.  Thank you for all you have done.
Kylee - Athletes Mom

“Ken has worked with a number of my clients who are going on to play at the collegiate level. In every instance all of them have been very impressed with his training sessions. Ken's tips for explosive start techniques helped my son improve his 40-yard dash time. His past experiences speak volumes for his program."

Lee Merona, Former Dir., College Prospects of America

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  It has been an honor to know and be coached by you for the last 6 years.
  You have done so much for me.  I hope someday I will be able to help kids the way you do.  I will miss  you in college, but I will always come back and workout with you.  Thanks for everything.

Ryne Holstrom - Athlete (College and Pro)


"An athlete's workout regiment should focus on speed and quickness development. Ken certainly has the practical experience as well as the formal education and training. I always refer my athletes his way."
Greg Barton, Former NFL Quarterback

"Ken -
I want to thank you for the years of work with our son and daughter.  I hope you know what you mean to them as well as us.  You were much more than a typical SAQ trainer, and I felt very comfortable trusting our kids with you.  You have made an invaluable connection with them, especially our son.  You have given him confidence that has spread through more than just his athletic skills.  He had to deal with some tough situations and because of your guidance, he passed with flying colors.  My wife and I can't express enough what you have done for him.  I hope he makes you proud."
Rob - Father of athletes

"He ran the mile yesterday in his fastest time yet at 8:14. For him, that's a new record and he's excited. His baseball running is so improved even the umpire, who's known him for 2 years, commented last weekend at how much smoother he is. Who would have thought he'd come so far from where he started with you? Well, we did, and we're grateful for everything you've done for him!"

Lisa Sutton parent of  Aaron
"We wanted to provide the best training opportunities for our sons in basketball. Ken's program really improved their athletic abilities. He definitely has the gift to reach out and open up their potential both physically and mentally."

Michael and Peggy Noble – Parents of Athletes Pete and Aaron


"Wow! What a great job you have done in training our son. Thank you!! You have inspired him to think of himself as an athlete. You have given him skills so that he can help himself with confidence. Thanks for all that you have accomplished with him."

Neil and Susan Loebner – Parents of Athlete Ben (Duke Univ)


Thank you for what you are doing with Michael.  He thinks you just fantastic and I am really impressed with you as you work with these young athletes.  It takes an awful lot to impress me and you do!

Michael McConnell Sr. – Father of Athlete Michael Jr.


Thanks so much for your very inspirational and motivating training.  You've made a huge impact for Johnny and we really appreciate all you're doing for him in many ways!

John and Terry – Parents of Athlete


In a very short time I've noticed a definite positive change in our daughters appearance.  But equally important to me, as a parent, is her attitude.  We also see a difference in her mind.  Her self esteem and her feeling of self worth has definitely improved.  You've also been able to give her a level of confidence that is
very hard for a parent to do.  I want to commend you on your teaching abilities.  You have a "knack" for motivating young adults - ours for sure - to strive to be the best.  She is now "attacking" many other projects with enthusiasm and confidence.

George – Parent of Athlete

“A parent of a child that wants to compete in any sport at their highest potential needs to send them to be trained by Ken.  He did a great job training my son – he taught him to utilize and maximize his speed.  And a side benefit not advertised is the mental aspect of sports he shares.  He shared his experiences of achieving goals and playing at the highest level in a sport.” 
David Barra – Father of athlete Sam


“I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am of your help, guidance, and friendship.  You truly changed my life for the better.  Thanks for working with me, improving my talent, confidence, and my character.  You have helped me in more ways than you know.  Because of you, I can proudly say that I am going to run for the University of Nebraska.” 

Andrew Lind  – Athlete


“Our tennis players came home with the Silver Medal at the AAU National Junior Olympics.  Ken’s speed and quickness training program was a critical part of their preparation.  Our players were faster, quicker, lighter on their feet, and moved easier on the court.”

Don Johnson - Director of Kids-N-Tennisirector of Kids-N-Tennis


“Thank you!  I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work with you – you have been an inspiration in my life!  Thanks for believing in me, pushing me to my limit, and supporting me. You are the best coach I’ve ever had!”

Jessica Smith – Athlete

"Thought I would give you an update directly from me.  I have moved from our number 8 runner to number 5 in the last 4 races.  I am now getting recruited by Virginia State and many other big name division 2 schools.  I'm definitely improving and I think I can move up to our number 4 spot.  Thanks for all the help you gave me to get me to where I am now."

Austin Sorensen, Track & Cross Country -Vista Murrieta HS




I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for all your hard work and effort in helping the girls achieve success.


First with our oldest daughter, there is no doubt that you have been a major factor in her ability to exceed her own expectations in focus, mechanics and speed.  Her time with you has prepared her for the challenges she has ahead as she enters her first year in college.  When she first received her workout schedule from her coach, she thought there was no way she would be able to get those 120's and mile into the acceptable time.   Now, there is no worries and she is off and running.  You have helped her to match her work ethic with purpose and confidence.  She no longer just goes through the motions, but actually makes the most of all her training sessions.  When she gets home from training she can't wait to tell her mother and me about what she has achieved and how she is so amazed that she is able to perform so well.  The smiles and motivation are priceless.


Running Shoes   $100

Gas and Time    $75

Sweat and Pain (Gatorade / Ice Packs)  $10

Satisfaction/Motivation      Priceless


Our other daughter is a whole different story.  At first we were reluctant to have her train with you because of her age and her declined self esteem and motivation.  Her enthusiasm for sports was at an all time low.  After 6 months with you I will have to say that your title of Speed Doctor is incorrect, you are a Miracle Worker.  The improvements in our daughter's running technique and her improved speed are secondary to her improved confidence, self esteem and enthusiasm towards soccer.  You have helped her to overcome her fears and self doubt with confidence, face adversity and challenge with tenacity, understand herself and abilities with awareness.  She no longer accepts failure and mistakes as speed bumps on her way to success, she strives for success despite them.  You have helped her discover who she is and her abilities as an athlete, but most of all you have helped her find the joy and happiness that has been locked away inside.  It is great to see her smile and enjoy so much.


Your ability to connect with the girls on their own individual level and to understand their individual needs is phenomenal.  Ken, you have gone above and beyond what was expected of you as a trainer.  We knew we were getting a professional in every aspect, but you have been so much more.  You have mentored the girls and become their friend as well as ours.  You have gained our confidence and loyalty to you and your training program.  I have been told that if you can impact just one person out of all that you encounter you have attained success.  I can tell you that you are successful; you have positively impacted both of my girls and the lessons you have imparted on them will last a lifetime, beyond sports.  The girls look forward to continue training with you.  We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for our girls and wish you continued success with all your athletes."

Rex and Ana – parents of athletes 


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